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Internationally, International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is celebrated on the second Sunday of November.  It is understandable that this particular date may not be suitable for every group. It is important, regardless of the date, that we pray (and encourage others to pray) for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Please feel free to choose another date that best suites you and your group.

Q What does IDOP Canada suggest when the International IDOP date conflicts with Remembrance Day services on November 11?

IDOP is an international event and is recognized by churches around the world on the second Sunday in November. Whenever the second Sunday in November falls on the Canadian Remembrance Day (Nov 11), out of respect for our veterans the IDOP Canada partners have opted to observe IDOP Sunday one week before the international date. If the dates chosen below still conflict with your own Remembrance Day services, we encourage you to observe IDOP on a different Sunday--or you can combine both into one service, as many Canadian churches do every year. Keep in mind, our veterans fought for global human rights and freedoms - not the least of which is religious freedom - the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. 

Below are the IDOP Sunday dates for the coming years. 

2018:      November 11 

2019:      November 10

2020:      November 8