What is IDOP?

IDOP stands for International Day of Prayer: for the Persecuted Church. Every year, Christians around the world set a day aside for prayer for our sisters and brothers who are persecuted for their faith.

IDOP 2021 is on November 7, 2021. Pre-register to receive a FREE resource kit to help your church or group pray for our brothers and sisters who are persecuted for their faith. 


IDOP Canada is coordinated by a group of Christian organizations in Canada that are serving the Persecuted Church worldwide.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Intercede International
International Christian Response
Open Doors Canada
Voice of the Martyrs

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) in 2021?

Sunday, November 7, 2021.

What if our church already has something scheduled on that day?

 Choose another day that is free for your congregation and remember the persecuted church in prayer. We encourage you remember to pray for the persecuted every Sunday.

We agree that prayer is essential. What more can we do to help the persecuted church?

 The mandate of IDOP Canada is strictly to focus on praying for the persecuted church. Feel free to contact any of the partner ministries that make up IDOP Canada for advice on how you or your church can get more involved in serving and helping the persecuted church. 

Are there prayer resources that will help us to pray for the persecuted after IDOP Sunday?

 Yes, the partner ministries that make up IDOP Canada (currently: Open Doors, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Intercede International, Voice of the Martyrs Canada, and International Christian Response) have prayer resources such as monthly, bimonthly or quarterly newsletters, e-mail prayer alerts, maps, and other helpful tools that you can obtain (many of them free). Please contact the IDOP partner ministries for details. 

Can our church sponsor a persecuted Christian as a refugee?

 Yes, although many persecuted Christians do not wish to leave their homeland. Contact one of the IDOP partners for more information. Note: not all of them are involved in this kind of ministry. You can also contact the Government of Canada regarding refugee sponsorship programs. 

Can I write letters to encourage those who are persecuted?

 Yes, you can—depending on whether it is safe to do so, and whether addresses are available. Contact the IDOP Canada partner ministries for guidelines on how to write to persecuted Christians. Note: not all of the partner ministries may have these resources. 

Can my congregation write letters to political leaders on behalf of Christians in prison?

 Yes. You can also contact the partner ministries that make up IDOP Canada for the names and addresses of Christian prisoners to write to, as well as guidelines on how to write to government leaders. Note: not all of the partner ministries may have these resources. 

Is there still a hard copy IDOP Kit as in previous years?

 No. The age of efficient technology has helped IDOP Canada avoid the high cost of hard copy production and mailings. While it still requires the time and skills of many talented and concerned people to create this resource every year—and a cost to advertise, educate and inform people—the common use of the Internet has enabled us to reach further with kits that are easy to download, print and distribute. The only exception (in some cases) may be the use of the video. We suggest that if you are not familiar with how to present a YouTube video in a public forum that you speak to someone in your group or area who is familiar with that. It is a very common Internet platform today and we are sure you will be able to find help close to home.