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IDOP CANADA VIDEOS: 2016 "The Battle is Real" 2015 "Nothing Can Separate Us" 2014 "Freedom in Christ" 2013 "How Long" 2012 "Iran: A Letter from Prison" (music only) - 6:00 2012 "Iran: A Letter from Prison" (w/ interviews) - 13:28 2011 "Egyptian Voices" 2010 "Hearing Their Cry"
IDOP: Persecuted, not Abandoned (4:12)


CUBA: Change in Cuba (3:59)
CUBA: Update on the Church in Cuba (6:02)
CUBA: Christians in Cuba (6:28)
CUBA: Caridad Diego on Government Persecution of Apostolic Movement (5:57) 

NIGERIA: Voice of the Martyrs Australia (5:17)
: Nigeria's Persecuted Children (part one)
NIGERIANigeria's Persecuted Children (Part two) (4:24)
NIGERIA: Militants turning country into Christian Killing Field(3:31)
NIGERIA: Christians under siege – yet overcoming (8:48)

General IDOP Videos (Other IDOP Groups):

IDOP: Light a Candle by Christian Solidarity (3:22)
IDOP PowerPoint by Open Doors USA (4:33)
IDOP 2011
 (INcontext Ministries) (5:23)
IDOP 2011 (INcontext Ministries) (8:50 longer version of the 5 min video)
IDOP 2012 NZ - "One with Them" (2:19)
IDOP 2012 Gospel for Asia (4:49)

Children of the Persecuted
The Battle is Real (2:17)
Children of the Persecuted (4:42)
Exiled for Their Faith (4:16)
Every 5 Minutes (1:49)
What is Persecution (3:11)
Where Christian Persecution is the Worst (World Watch List 2013) (3:58)
The World is Watching (2:46)

SONG: I Have Decided - IDOP Feature Video (6:01)
SONG: Coming for Me (4:55)

Country Specific:

CHINA: Criminal or Hero? (10:01)
CHINA: Shockwave 2013 (1:42)
CHINA: World Watch List Report (11:28)
COLOMBIA: Set free to serve!
Radio is bringing light into spiritual darkness (6:54)
EGYPT: Christian girls being snatched by Islamic Traffickers (5:17)
ETHIOPIA: Hand up, Not Hand Out (7:48)
KAZAKHSTAN: New laws oppress Christianity (4:46)
INDONESIA: "I call the prison the school of trust" (3:59)
INDONESIA: Abandoned for coming to Jesus (4:15)
IRAN: A Letter from Prison (13:28)
IRAN: Padina's Story (7:09)
IRAN: Christians Face Captivity, Persecution (2:04)
IRAN: World Watch List Report (6:14)
IRAQ: We have hope, but we have no future (4:35)
LIBYA: Missionaries Arrested for Spreading the Gospel (6:18)
MEXICO: Exiled for Their Faith (4:16)
NORTH KOREA: Yang's incredible story of pain and hope! (8:13)
 Degestan's secret believers fight a spiritual war (4:41)
RUSSIA: Sharing the Gospel in the dangerous Islamic South (5:08)
TANZANIA: Islamic persecutors target Christian Pastors (3:44)